Nick Jones - Genuine British Male Voice-Over Talent For Your Voice-Over Needs 

Looking for something particular for your project? Nicholas. E. Jones is the man for the job!


What do I bring to your product?

What I Offer You

I will provide a quality and genuine male English voice for your product. I have a lower than average tone and class within the bass-baritone level although I do have a wider range in general. I have experience in everything from recording voice memos for answer machines through to doing voices for animation and audiobooks. Expert at various British dialects - want to know which? Just ask :)

I provide a voice that has been described as:











Experience and Training

- VIP voice program Suchavoice

- Vocal classes from expert Jessi Keenan

- 10 years experience in local and school theatre (Horncastle Theatre Company)

- UK High School Speaking Newspaper Program

- Guidance and direction from DACAPO Winnipeg

- Lessons from voice and podcast expert Matt Cundill (

- Amateur sports report for Manitobaville podcast network

- Received Pronunciation and UK accent specialist


- Radio and T.V commercials

- Various character/animation work (T.V, gaming)

- E-learning

- Narration (Documentaries and Audio books)

- Museum tours

- Voice mail and telecoms messaging

- Explainer videos

- Announcements



About Me

Teacher, coach, athlete, bartender, actor, extra - I have dabbled in a lot in my short life so far but all have had positive influences on me and have helped shape where I am today.

In 2010, after living the majority of my life in the glorious rural Lincolnshire, England, I at the grand age of 23, alongside my parents and 2 brothers, traded in our lives in the shire for pastures new. Manitoba, Canada to be exact. In effect we traded farms and fields for.......more farms and fields, which if i'm honest, made the transition smoother!

In January 2019, after much deliberating, I decided to follow my life dream of becoming a V.O artist. I spent many happy years as a youth  in and around my local village theatre honing my acting skills under expert guidance and am looking forward to utilsing the skills I learned to help provide you with the best possible product






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